No one except a masochist would want to think too much about car insurance on a bright sunny day but sadly, like death and taxation, it is inevitable that it will affect those sooner or later, and when it does the quotation can come as a severe shock. Premiums which were considered to be frighteningly high last year have now been totally eclipsed for millions of motorists with increases running as high as 40%. Despite this the vast majority of insurance companies are making no money whatsoever on their car insurance business, which strongly suggests that there are further price increases coming soon.

Hardly surprising then that no deposit car insurance has proven so popular. This allows you to make payment of your insurance premium in 12 equal instalments, rather than in one big payment at the start of the policy, which used to be the norm. Strictly speaking a contract, which is what an insurance policy is, is invalid without a deposit but the insurers get round this particular technicality by taking payment for the first months premium by credit card. This way they get paid whereas the buyer does not have too stump up the money for a month or so.

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No deposit policies, in general, are no different from standard policies and as such they need to be examined very carefully. Every single policy is different from all the others, so it is vital that you read through all the details thoroughly before deciding upon which policy to take out. Do bear in mind that you will pay a little bit extra for the privilege of paying monthly; how much extra depends upon the insurance company and some of them are not terribly keen on this type of business so they charge accordingly. Others, from time to time, use no deposit schemes in order to boost their market share and you may occasionally find an offer of zero extra charges, but you have to keep your eyes open. Probably the best way to find a decent bargain is to use a price comparison site which specialises in this type of business, and then you can get a range not only of premiums but also of monthly repayments to choose from, provided by a large number of insurance companies.

Some insurance companies are not very keen on offering this type of product at all. The reason is that there has been a rash in the past of people taking out insurance policies with monthly repayments, getting a tax disc and then cancelling further repayments. This has always been a very dodgy thing to do because inevitably the authorities are informed that there is a potential uninsured driver; and the insurance companies usually share this information amongst themselves so that offenders may find other insurers will not deal with them. It is also now illegal to keep a car on the road, even if it is not being driven, without there being a valid insurance policy covering that vehicle. The penalties for not complying are severe, and since all car insurance policies are now recorded on a central government database offenders are easy to track down.

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